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Marilyn Monroe Cazares

Age 22
13 Jul 2020
Brawley, California (USA)
Stabbed and burned

Photo of Marilyn Monroe Cazares

Marilyn was found dead in an abandoned building after first responders answered a fire call in the early hours of Monday 13th July.

According to her family she had been stabbed and her body burned.

Bree Black

Age 27
3 Jul 2020
Pompano Beach, Florida (USA)

Photo of Bree Black

Bree was found with gunshot wounds after police responded to a reported shooting. She died at the scene. Her family reportedly asked that she be referred to by her deadname in news reports.

Merci Mack

Age 22
30 Jun 2020
Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas (USA)

Photo of Merci Mack

Merci was found unconscious and with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of an apartment complex after neighbours had reported hearing gunfire. She died at the scene.

Tatiana Hall

Age 22
30 Jun 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

Photo of Tatiana Hall

Tatiana is reported to have been murdered in Philadelphia on or around 30th June. Very little is known about what happened to her – possibly due to deadnaming by police and media.

Brayla Stone

Age 17
25 Jun 2020
Sherwood, Arkansas (USA)

Photo of Brayla Stone

Brayla’s body was found in a parked car on a remote trail. Her killer boasted about her murder on social media saying that he was paid $5,000 dollars for the crime.

Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells

Age 27
9 Jun 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
Stabbed and dismembered

Photo of Dominique "Rem'mie" Fells

Dominique’s body was found on the banks of the Schuylkill River. She had suffered stab wounds and trauma to the head and face, and her body was found with both legs severed.

An arrest warrant was issued for Akhenaton Jones, 36, after blood and a cutting tool believed to be connected to the case was discovered in his home.