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Transgender Day of Remembrance is being organized by The Cis Ally Trio, or Cissy for short. We are three student activists:

Astro Pittman (they/them)

Astro founded and organized the 2018 TDoR , which was held at Seattle Central College. While still maintaining its humble grassroots origins and lack of fiscal sponsorship (TDoR Seattle runs on a minuscule yearly budget of only a few hundred dollars, with no corporate sponsorships or external grants), the annual event has since expanded to 2 separate locations in Seattle and Tacoma, with several individual volunteers and community organizations contributing to its yearly success and sustainability. Astro continues to coordinate and host TDoR yearly, in partnership with Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Seattle, HRC Seattle, Gender Justice League, and various other community organizations.

Astro is a Board Member-at-Large with Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound (DAPS), a licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) working with LGBTQIA+ youth and adults, a social worker and Advanced MSW student and researcher at the University of Washington, a Queer Abolitionist and Activist (including being the Embodying Abolition Program Coordinator at Q Center UW), an InterGroup Dialogue facilitator and community organizer, the former Editor-in-Chief at The Seattle Collegian, former President of Seattle Central’s Queer Cooperative club, a fully-professed Guard with the Sisters of the Mother House of Washington, and a self-identified Queer-Alien-Person-Of-Color. They hold a baccalaureate degree in applied behavioral science, and also have an associate’s in social and human services with a concentration in chemical dependency. They have won awards for their journalism and community service work as well as for innovation in leadership and academic excellence, and are an active and outspoken advocate and activist for both the LGBTQIA+ and recovery communities. They speak regularly at events relevant to these causes, and work closely with their fellows to support these communities. Social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion are their banners, and their belief in the strength and resilience of all marginalized communities is the driving motivation behind their work and their mission: using the powers of journalism, self-expression, creativity, conversation and connection to uplift and foster acceptance for all peoples.


Morgan (she/her||they/them)

Morgan came on as the primary organizer in 2019, as part of Queer Co-op, the SCC on-campus LGBTQ+ club. She currently attends Oregon State University remotely, where she is majoring in Anthropology with a focus on cultural linguistics. She is also involved in Rainbow Collective, OSU’s on campus LGBT+ club, and is conducting undergrad research in an effort to reduce police presence on college campuses. Morgan is a staff writer for The Seattle Collegian, a published poet, and an advocate in Disabled and Queer communities, with special work towards reducing Ace erasure. ________________________________________________________________________________

RC Selfe (all pronouns)

RC joined Queer Co-op at the same time, and was instrumental in organizing the event.


This year, despite school clubs being on hiatus and uncertain about how an event would go, the three of us came together to organize the event, despite no longer all attending Seattle Central College. We hope to continue this tradition, and hope that more will join us next year in planning this event.


We would like to offer special thanks to:

Oliver Webb, our TDoR co-conspirator, Executive Director of Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound (DAPS), and lead organizer of TDoR Tacoma, for his unwavering commitment to the trans and gender diverse community.

Neil Smith and Andy LaBadie, who serve on the national board of governors for HRC and the local steering committee , who have been instrumental in assisting us with planning, funding, and support.

Elayne Wylie, the Gender Justice League’s first Board Chair and currently serving as the Co-Executive Director at GJL, for her incredible support both in planning our now cancelled in-person event and the continued support of Gender Justice League as we move to a remote event.

Veronica Barrera-Kolb, faculty advisor for Queer Co-op; and Mahim Lakhani, Web Manager at Seattle Central College, for wrangling tech and equipment and being our biggest cheerleaders and advocates at Seattle Central.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Seattle, especially Beth Chronister and Interweave group, who have welcomed us into their space with open arms and selfless support.

To Lucy, who tirelessly commits herself to behind-the-scenes efforts to make this TDoR event great each year.

To all of our brave and talented speakers and panelists, who have donated their time and expertise to help make this event great, and who strengthen our community with their service work and social justice organizing efforts.

The many people behind the scenes who helped us build this website, create and promote this event, and continue to serve our community in these difficult times.

Seattle Trans Day of Remembrance and other resources and events

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